Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rochas comeback + Politics

When Procter & Gamble announced the closure of Rochas fashion division in 2006, many people was confused of the reason. Bad sales, Theysken's designs, business strategies, no one really knew which was the real cause.

"Procter & Gamble Co. is expected to announce a licensing agreement with high-end Italian manufacturer Gibo Co. SpA to produce a ready-to-wear apparel line under the Rochas brand. "

So when this piece of news came out, delighted to hear of course, it's still confusing to me. Why NOW?! Especially the economy crisis we facing at this very moment. A boost for their sales with the licensing agreement with Gibo?

It isn't hard to derive into this assumption cause, come on, fashion is now a business. A disheartening fact indeed.
Alexander Mcqueen went from ingenious artistic to much more disappointing commercial for recent seasons, because of the word "Profitability".

Magazines, the same victim, are showing the same designer/dress issues after issues because they're paid highly by the corporations like LVMH and PPR. How many times have you seen the Yves Saint Laurent coat and Prada Lace dress on the cover, and how many times could you even NOTICE that Lie Sang Bong or Ana Sekularac appeared in an editorial.
During US Vogue hey days, Anna Wintour used to mix a designer piece with some $50++ jeans, now? Editorials are SECTIONED by designers.

Now, back to Rochas.
So who would be appointed as the designer?

Who could excavate our minds filled with Olivier Theyskens (gorgeous) mark on the house? People are expecting Facchinetti to take over, which I would also LOVE to. But my love for her, is afterall, love. Can she take over the house successfully and STAY? Lets take a look at Theyskens past works:

Rochas Fall 03

Rochas Spring 04

Rochas Fall 04

Rochas Spring 05

Rochas Fall 05

Rochas Spring 06

Rochas Fall 06

Am I sensing some hope from myself??

From: Tfs, WSJ, style

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