Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paris S/S 09: Alexander Mcqueen

I've always been a fan of Alexander Mcqueen's aesthetics even though he always differs his show's theme seasons from seasons, and can come out with something totally unexpected. The best & latest example would have to be his fall 08, which contains the royalty of different cultures.

This season, as you would expect, unexpected theme again, Zoo.
With a backdrop of many different fake animals, the presentation's almost something like a disney parade.

And soon, the show opened in multiple exotic prints. Though "exotic", the prints are symmetrically pieced which looked really interesting especially against the harder architectural pieces. Some of the softer pieces, light dresses to puffy hip-flask silhouettes, are armored with crocodile skin corset.
But it was only until the middle part of the show when I can sense the true Mcqueen with the architectural mini dresses with sewed-on jutted floral details.

Then colourful prints took over the show, which looked very similar to some of the pieces from his spring 08.

Moving more into the evening sees the use of more couture execution, which is not surprising from the man, with a throughout glittery hard dresses and bodysuits.

Many are disappointed with Mcqueen's creation this season as it just seem too commercial and jumbled. I do have to agree to some extend, but again, it might be that his last fall was SO explicitly good that our expectations are raised for the better. So when the man comes out with something similar to his previous spring, everything seems to be a thumbs-down.

But overall, personally, Mcqueen stayed onto his own aesthetics, which to me, is the most important for an artist. And besides, it doesn't look like a hard drop as some of the pieces still look very stunning to me.

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