Sunday, October 5, 2008

Paris S/S 09: Rue Du Mail

Surprise surprise surprise!
I almost wanted to skip pass Martine Sitbone's Rue du Mail show cause I've always thought that Sitbone's creations has always been catered to the comfort-motivated which to me, aren't Parisian at all.
But for her latest show, I was asking myself constantly, "Are THESE Sitbone?!".

Martine Sitbone usually pays more attention to the prints and her silhouettes are always really soft.
So what shocked me this season was how she seem more attached to the texture, sewed-ons, and shapes.
Textures are more crisp and clean, as sewed-ons are those multiple "comb-like" collages. Her play of shapes are more angular and define, from the high-waisted crotch cut-out skirts, to stiff shoulder sleeves and dress hem.

With such a futuristic collection, some of the pieces seems a little abrupt, like the trench dress for example. But it by how monochromic it looked, it can be easily over-looked.

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