Thursday, October 2, 2008

Paris S/S 09: Christian Lacroix

When there are designers that are minimalist, there would definitely be designers that love to dress the models in overflowing details.

Christian Lacroix, would have to be one of the latter. He's always obsessed with the Victorian vintage couture look with a strong sense of darkness in them. (Which is why his collection never fails to run my imagination of the mix with "beauty and the beast" + "the adams family" every season :D)

When Esteban Cortazar failed to deliver the the prints, Lacroix showed how they should be ensembled even with exaggerated details and fabric placements. From Polka dots, to florals, to zebra to paisley, the man certainly knows how to use prints to their fullest every season.

Most of the pieces has the usual glittery embroideries which is nonetheless glamourous and very signature of Lacroix.

Another one of the signature looks from Lacroix would have to be the massive use of satin. I really love how he ruffle the fabric that looks so timeless and classy, without being boring. This technique can sometimes be risky as satin, treated in the wrong way, can easily look cheap.

Garments aside, there're some really interesting accessories like the skeleton necklace and oversized scarves tied into a large bow.
Oh my god, I would need a much longer time (every season) to closely explore the massive amount of details in his pieces.

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