Sunday, October 5, 2008

Paris S/S 09: Limi Feu

I might just be one of the few people who are actually interested in fashion through the introduction of J-pop/Japanese style in the early 20s. From there, I got style icons, style magazines, style researching, all based on the country. So I really do appreciates that country which brought me to who I am today, fashion obsessed, generally.

And everytime when I view Limi Feu's shows, I can't help me being drawn back to the days with the constant influence of Japanese crazy street wear. Lolita goth, punk, ragged, doll-like, the list just never ends. This season, Limi Feu stayed true to herself, stayed true to her similar aesthetics with her father, Yohji Yamamoto.
Very loosed and baggy shirts, blazers and trousers can't be anymore quintessentially Japanese street, with the addition of the models having large earphones on. But it was until the second half of the show that comes out the more unexpected pieces.

Second half of the show featured some tie-dyed pieces and some war elements of the bullet carrier strap across the chest.
And of course, the last 2 cage dresses can't get anymore dramatic.


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