Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Paris S/S 09: Marithe & Francois Girlbaud

I would have to confess, I do sometimes question myself about the days that all I have in my wardrobe is just T-shirts and jeans. Nothing else. Even some of my friends do comment about how they sometimes miss that period.
But I was, honestly, having fun. It's the attitude that you brings with the clothes really. I'm having fun with clothes now, just like the past, even though I do have more variety.

And while viewing Marithe Francois Girlbaud's show do reminds me of the "me" back then. Always so hardcore yet girlish, always so youthful yet uncheesy.

Those laces around the trousers and nylon pants are just items I'm very much lusting over right now. HOW VERSATILE!

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